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The US sees a surprising surprise in weekly unemployment cases, firing jobs | Business and Economic Affairs

US market recovery began sharply as U.S. job-seeking Americans went missing unexpectedly last week – the first such rise since April.

The market recovery in the United States came to a head when American job-seeking Americans went missing unexpectedly last week – the first such rise since the end of April.

Unemployment cases each week, a layoff worker, hit 412,000 last week – 37,000 more than the reorganization rate 375,000 last week, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said Thursday.

Progress last week disrupted six weeks of unemployment each week and surprised economists who wanted the downturn to continue.

But what is saved each week can be noisy and it does not mean that the changes in the labor market are starting again.

In fact, the number of four-week shifts from no-job interviews each week, which contributes to the release of more data, has dropped to 395,000 – a fall of 8,000 compared to the previous week.

The number of people collecting unemployment benefits from countries – these “continue to say” – also dropped to 14,828,950 last week on May 29 – more than half a million more than last week.

Although weekly nonsense reports of plague outbreaks, they have fallen sharply since last year, when they were about 1.4 million.

The biggest problem plaguing the labor market in this country right now is the area that businesses are struggling to meet.

Job opening in US hit a total of 9.3 million in April as millions of U.S. consumers go out of their way to fall asleep and plague and businesses are increasingly working to meet high demand.

Competitiveness for work and restricting job access – a common factor in the latest monthly performance report This indicates that the US economy added 559,000 jobs in May.

The economy still has 7.6 million jobs less than it did before it devastated the country last year – and this decline does not mean more labor and economic growth since then.

Economists are divided on the causes of the gap between the unemployed and the employers who cannot find enough people to fill the vacancies.

Some estimate that $ 300 a week’s worth of lawsuits is for the benefit of the unemployed. Some talk about a bottle of talent when businesses reopen or grow at the same time. Lack of childcare facilities due to the closure of day care centers and remote schools, as well as the fear of taking part in COVID-19 could also prevent unemployed workers from treading on job-seeking streets.

No matter what, the unemployed in the United States can continue to rely on the US Federal Reserve to maintain monetary policy to help keep the labor market afloat in this country.

Wednesday, Fed policymakers, led by senior Jerome Powell, he also said he was willing tolerating rising prices that go beyond their 2% for as long as that is what is needed to get as many Americans back to work as they can. But the Fed has set a time limit for possibly raising interest rates – which fill the vacancy – until 2023 from 2024.

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