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WhatsApp Can’t Reduce Function If You Reject Privacy

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WhatsApp initially threatened to remove the main functions of users who refuse to accept their new privacy policy, however come back the risk of side effects earlier this month in the middle a global uprising, and now, it’s ending them together (for now).

In a change, the company announced Friday that it would not ban operations even if you did not approve the program. privacy updates however, Products reports.

“Given the recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, we want to make it clear that we will not restrict the use of WhatsApp to those who have not received it immediately,” a WhatsApp spokesman said in a statement. almost. He added that this was a system that was moving forward forever.

By changing the company FAQ page, WhatsApp makes it clear that no users whose accounts can be deleted or lose their functionality if they do not accept these new terms. That being said, WhatsApp has still sent reminders to these users to update “from time to time,” WhatsApp told Verge. Pa support page, WhatsApp says most users who have seen these changes have agreed.

Initially, the deadline for receipt was set in February, but WhatsApp rescheduled for the day until May 15 when it was shot by lawmakers, civil rights activists, and users, among other critics. The problem is that the system allows WhatsApp to handle user information, worrying them that they are starting to request this from their company, Facebook. (Actually, WhatsApp has been doing this with phone numbers of users since its privacy policy was changed in 2016, as Verge pointed out.) The bungled release of WhatsApp and the extreme threat has further fueled the outrage.

The company wants to address these privacy concerns FAQ page, while emphasizing that the new law significantly affects text messaging and Facebook will not have access to the whereabouts of users or correspondence. WhatsApp theme Will Cathcart also wrote a Twitter thread go into detail.

However, opposing towers The message is Signal have seen the number of downloads since WhatsApp announced a deadline following their privacy policy. Several confederation rulers forced WhatsApp to reset their new passwords or simply sent users, claiming the changes violated local security laws.

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