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The US Capitol is calling on some former Trump allies | Story


The House of Representatives investigating the terrorist attacks claims that six of Trump’s advisers developed a false pretense before the riots.

U.S. lawmakers are investigating a murderous plot this year at the Capitol in Washington, DC, has called on many friends of Donald Trump who are said to have helped spread the lies of the former President. fraudulent statements in elections.

On Monday, a U.S. House of Representatives committee investigating the January 6 trial handed over subpoenaes to six former Trump allies accused of plotting to overthrow the former President’s bid to overturn the 2020 elections.

Trump was repetition unsubstantiated allegations of widespread voter fraud for several weeks after the November 4 vote, and subsequently criticized for “inciting terrorists”A group of his supporters stormed the US Capitol.

The clashes erupted when Congress convened to acknowledge the victory of President Joe Biden.

A spokesman for Bennie Thompson, the group’s chairman, said Monday that the committee was seeking evidence and documents from Trump campaign officials and others involved in the “war room” before the riots and planning how to cancel the ticket.

Thompson said the committee gave subpoenaes to Bill Stepien, Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign manager; Jason Miller, senior campaign consultant; Angela McCallum, senior international assistant to the campaign; John Eastman, the lawyer who advised the former president; Michael Flynn, a former Trump national security adviser who spoke to Trump before the uprising; and Bernard Kerik, who the committee claims paid for the hotel rooms that served as the administrative center before January 6th.

“Days before the January 6 attacks, a close ally of the former President and advisers launched an election campaign and devised a way to prevent the counting of votes for the Electoral College,” Thompson said in a statement.

“The Election Committee should know everything about its decision to cancel the election, including its White House and Congress spokespersons, and how it is connected to the meetings that have grown so far, and who paid for it all.”

The group is working with some of Trump’s closest advisers to testify, but some former US officials have rejected efforts to testify in the investigation, including a former Trump adviser. Steve Bannon and the old head of the US Department of Justice.

Trump himself has said tried to call it a “great opportunity” barring the group from accessing White House documents during the riots, but Biden officials last month refused to accept Trump’s request.

“The president is committed to ensuring that such incidents do not happen again, which is why the authorities agree with the ongoing investigation, including the January 6 Electoral Committee, to report the incident,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters. October 8.

“As part of the process, the President has confirmed that affirmation is not allowed in the original Trump White House documents submitted to the National Archives.”

To date, the House of Representatives has interviewed more than 150 people across the state, including the media and the judiciary.


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