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The ‘Trojan horse’ program launches an international campaign against violence

At least 250 people have been arrested worldwide for an international police operation that used “Trojan horse” technology to crack down on drug dealers, the mafia and other criminal organizations.

Australian police said on Tuesday that they had thwarted 21 assassinations and seized 3.7 tonnes of drugs in connection with the operation, which secretly monitored a link between the gang and the gang.

The US FBI has gained access to the AN0M platform, enabling Australian police to monitor more than 25m messages sent in real time. The information is said to have detailed the killings, drug trafficking and other illegal activities, Australian and US researchers said at a joint press conference that in detail three-year police service.

Police say 9,000 officers took part in a series of international protests and 224 arrests in Australia and 35 in New Zealand. More information on police action in Germany, the US and other countries is due to be released on Tuesday.

Scott Morrison, Australia’s prime minister, says that the work of the world is a force for good.

“The Australian government, as part of the international community’s work, has been active in the fight against crime – not only in this country, but also in the context of global crime,” he said.

Police burglary has documented the use of the latest technology such as spyware and Trojan horse programs when investigated by law enforcement officials and terrorist organizations.

The AN0M app was installed on a mobile phone that was downloaded by any other technology. Phones, purchased on the black market, cannot call or send emails. They just send messages to another device that had an anti-crime program, Australian police have said.

The devices are spreading naturally and are gaining popularity among terrorists, who believe the program is secure because high-profile terrorists prove it to be honest, police said.

Greg Barton, an anti-terrorism specialist at Deakin University in Melbourne, said sending a Trojan horse program on modified phones is a great example of using technology in the fight against crime.

“Australian police officers and their colleagues around the world have gained a great deal of knowledge on the work of terrorists who have been disrupted and disrupted for some time,” he said.

“This is a temporary victory in the fight against cats and mice and criminals.”

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