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Nvidia is asking Chinese regulators to approve a $ 40bn Arm deal

Nvidia has filed a petition with Chinese competitors to review $ 40bn for the production of UK weapons, according to people familiar with this, about eight months after the announcement of the deal.

The inquiry, which is said to have been written in recent weeks, triggers a screening period that could take between a year and 18 months, according to Chinese antitrust lawyers.

This could be beyond the 18-month period that Nvidia wrote The agreement last September ended.

China is Arm’s largest marketplace, which supplies its power tools through a special partnership. Its sales in this country, which two experienced professionals put in about $ 500m in 2019, give Chinese regulators the right to review the findings.

Jensen Huang, head of Nvidia, said in an interview with Financial Times last month that the US chip company “began” to engage with Chinese regulators. He also said he was confident the deal would be terminated by the time Nvidia was established.

He also mentioned the purchase of Nvidia from an Israeli company Mellanox, announced in 2019, with China’s ratification of the 13-month term. “China often comes after all other rulers. . . This is in line with my last experience, ”he said.

Nvidia added that “its operation is confidential and we cannot comment on what is happening”.

A number of Chinese legal think tanks say the manufacturers of international weapons, such as HiSilicon and Huawei’s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, as well as the E-Town Capital government-sponsored group oppositionarranged a contract.

Their problems come from fear of giving too much direction of a design that promoted a large portion of Chinese retail to Nvidia in the US.

But Huang said the partnership between Arm and Nvidia was “just to bring new products to the market” and that he was confident the deal would close.

The hand strikes a a long war overseeing his Chinese business, when they and their colleagues failed to remove the head of their alliance, Allen Wu.

Wu remains in business control and negotiations on his release have not yielded results.

Wu brought events against Arm China last summer in the southern city of Shenzhen, where the agreement was registered and where it is supported by other members of the government, according to a number of people familiar with this.

The case, which was filed by Arm China’s shareholders under Wu, said the committee’s decision to remove him was unconstitutional. Wu was allowed to represent Arm China and all other participants in the case, which made him a complainant and a defendant.

“She’s worried,” said one person who was close to the matter. “One of his legal entities could say that the idea of ​​his removal was unjustified and that another law firm would agree to it.”

The court in Shenzhen did not rule on the case. People close to the Arm China board are hoping the judges will be able to represent their representative, but so far they have not won.

Wu and Arm China did not respond to a request for comment.

Additional reports of Qianer Liu reports in Shenzhen

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