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The Tennis Association wants to investigate Peng Shuai’s sexual harassment | Tennis stories

The WTA says the Chinese star, who criticized the former vice-president for his brutality, should be heard.

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has called for a “comprehensive, fair, and transparent investigation into the alleged rape of player Peng Shuai against a Chinese deputy prime minister.

Mu a words On Monday, the WTA also called for an end to the analysis of the former top player.

Peng is one of China’s leading sports experts and also reported on his Weibo online account on November 2 that Zhang Gaoli forced him to have sex, and they later agreed.

Peng said he could not provide evidence to prove his point.

The manuscript was removed about half an hour after it was printed.

China’s Internet is highly regarded and the privacy of senior executives is a complex issue. Zhang, now 75, was the Deputy Prime Minister between 2013 and 2018 and served on the Politburo Representative Committee, China’s Electoral Commission, between 2012 and 2017.

Concerns between tennis teams around the world have grown since Peng did not appear since his writing.

The WTA said in a statement that it wanted a “comprehensive, fair and transparent investigation into rape cases” against a former Chinese leader.

“The recent developments in China regarding WTA player, Peng Shuai, are very worrying,” WTA Tour chairman and CEO Steve Simon said in a statement.

“Peng Shuai, and all women, should be heard, not tested. His case against the former Chinese leader for rape should be taken seriously.”

Peng was the first player in the world in 2014, the first Chinese player to become a champion after winning two titles at Wimbledon in 2013 and the French Open in 2014.

China, which has been focusing on the tour’s impressive growth over the past 10 years, hosted nine festivals in the 2019 season, including the finalists of the WTA Finals, which earned $ 30.4m.

The finalists of the WTA Finals, who competed against the top eight players in the world as well as the two-time double team, had a $ 14m trophy in 2019 when it was first played in Shenzhen. The Finals event was terminated last year due to the COVID-19 epidemic and relocation to Guadalajara, Mexico this year.

The WTA said the competition will return to Shenzhen from 2022 and the Chinese city will have all the records by 2030.

“I think everyone understands what is at stake here in different ways,” Simon told the New York Times on Sunday. “I think we are united, from the players to the team to the council, that the only legitimate way is to do good.”

Simon told the Times that no one on the WTA Tour had spoken directly to Peng but had received confirmation from the Chinese Tennis Association that they were safe.

“We have received confirmation from a number of sources, including the Chinese Tennis Association, that they are safe and non-threatening,” Simon told the Times.

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