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The second violence of COVID passes through India: Recent changes | Coronavirus News Plague

India released an international report of more than 314,000 newcomers on Thursday as the second violent coronavirus sent more and more patients to a hospital for lack of hospital beds and ventilation.

The outbreak has worsened in the last 24 hours, mainly due to two known reversible factors, raising cases in India 15.9 million since the outbreak began.

The death toll rose by 2,104 in the last 24 hours, bringing the death toll in India to 184,657, the Ministry of Health said.

Here are some recent updates:

‘Pray, steal or steal, it’s an emergency all over the world’

The Supreme Court of New Delhi has ordered the government to change the air from industrial use to hospitals to save lives.

“You cannot cause death because there is no air. “Pray, rob or steal, it’s a national emergency,” the judges said in response to a request from a hospital in New Delhi for action.

The government is pushing for oxygen tanks to return items to hospitals.

India’s Ministry of Health Harsh Vardhan said Thursday that “the need and supply of light is being monitored day and night”.

He also said in a tweet to address the required volume, the government has increased the amount of air in the seven worst-affected countries.

Barriers and tightening have brought pain, fear and suffering to many lives in New Delhi and other cities.

Shortage of hospital beds

In the popular scene across the country, ambulances are seen rushing from one hospital to another, trying to find an empty bed. Grieving relatives line up outside the crematorium as the arrival of the bodies jumped several times.

“Every day I get phone calls from sleep-deprived patients. This is far more important than what they provide, “said Dr. Sanjay Gururaj, a physician at Shanti Hospital and Research Center in Bengaluru.

“I try to get sick beds every day, and it has been so frustrating not being able to help them. Last week, three of my patients died at home because they could not find beds. As a doctor, I am in pain, “Gururaj said.

Sell ​​jewelry to buy oxygen

Yogesh Dixit, a resident of northern Uttar Pradesh state, said earlier this week that he had to buy two cylinders for 12,000 rupees ($ 160) each, more than twice as much, from his father who was ill because the Lucknow government hospital had run out of supplies. .

He bought two “because doctors can ask for another oxygen pen at any time,” he said, adding that he had to sell his wife’s jewelry to meet his cost.

The Ministry of Health said that in the process of producing 7,500 tons of gas per day, 6,600 tons are provided for chemical use.

“ Great war is coming ”: India is riddled with high levels of COVID

Bodies are burned in the streets

The mortuary in Lucknow, the state capital, received about 200 bodies on Sunday.

Shekhar Chakraborty, 68, described the incident. “The bodies were everywhere.

In Kanpur, a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, 35 new towers have been erected along the Bithoor-Sidhnath Ghat road along the Ganges River for burning.

He added that 75 coaches of India’s central railway have been transformed into hospitals and another 1,200 COVID-19 patient beds.

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