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The report warns Uighur’s forced labor workers to turn on electricity generation | Business and Financial Issues


The Beijing-based occupation in Uighur is ‘tantamount to forcing people into slavery’, the report said.

A new report warns of Uighur’s coercive use in the manufacture of electronic weapons worldwide.

A study by Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom said the Chinese were “evacuating workers” northwest of Xinjian province, while anti-Muslim extremist groups in Uighur persecution and imprisonment, operated in “coercive environments that have never happened before, filled with threats of further education and training”.

The report added 45% of the world’s polysilicon manufacturers – the first of which is used in 95% of solar modules – live in Xinjian where most of Uighur live.

The study “found that most of China’s major manufacturing facilities, solar polysilicon, ingots and leavens are associated with the production of solar modules and workplaces in the region that have been forcibly relocated to local citizens, and that many of these manufacturers have a lucrative relationship with Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps ”.

“The forced labor of these manufacturers has a profound impact on the manufacturers of solar modules as well as the governments, manufacturers, and consumers who buy them,” the report said.

‘Danger of the show’

The demand for solar panels has increased as countries are more committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The researchers identified 90 Chinese and foreign companies whose chains were in some form linked to forced labor.

They called on solar producers to monitor their sales and to find them elsewhere, saying the examples cited in the report “should provide those affected with evidence that they will be judged to be at risk of being forced to work in the solar system”.

External tensions mount for Beijing to allow access to Xinjiang, with Germany, the UK and US holding a UN conference on Thursday opposition criminal records. China has repeatedly denied this.

Amnesty International Secretary General Agnes Callamard told the event that there are millions of Uighurs and that many Muslim ethnic groups have been imprisoned in the region.

The US says President Joe Biden has urged donors to increasing problems on Beijing due to forced labor when its first leaders met in June.


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