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The report finds the ‘disruptive’, sexual harassment at the US Military Academy | Black Life Essential Issues

The Virginia Military Institute report comes amid growing efforts to combat racism and military atrocities in the US.

The well-known US military has failed to tackle racism and xenophobia, including rape, according to a report urging the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) to be prosecuted for temporary change.

145-page report (PDF), released Tuesday with the inclusion of independent firm Barnes & Thornburg at the request of the State Council of Higher Education in Virginia, states that “swearing and humor are not uncommon” and “create resentment”.

An English cadet is said to have heard “n-words” spoken by other white cadets up to “10 times a day from different people, this is not an exaggeration”.

Abuse is common but not fully addressed in VMI, the report said. The survey also found that 14% of female cadets were reported to have been raped, while 63% said a colleague who told them she had been abused.

The report also cited a “disbelieving topic that VMI could not properly investigate sexual harassment” cited by cadets.

“Racism and misconceptions about the study were disruptive,” it said. “While VMI does not have any discriminatory or discriminatory rules to follow, this reflects racial and cultural discrimination.”

Class of the Virginia Military Institute 2021 on the change of laws and customs at school in Lexington, Virginia [File: Steve Helber/AP Photo]

Similar problems have been reported in the rest of the US military, which is trying to eliminate them racist symptoms and names from his courts and sexual misconduct in their groups. United States President Joe Biden has ordered a review of the war plan in January and has vowed to do so. Rape “rape” in the army.

VMI was founded in 1839 in Lexington, a well-known town in western Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley. The students taught Generals George Patton and George Marshall. But the council is also built on national history of racism and sex.

Famous statue of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson, who teaches at the school, was not demoted until December. VMI did not recognize African Americans until 1968 or accepted women until a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1996.

The report said VMI had begun to change, but added that the agency could “live up to its promises only if it was forced to do so”.

The findings follow a several-month study conducted by Democratic Ambassador Ralph Northam and other government officials after the Washington Post reported that black cadet and alumni were constantly experiencing “racism”

In a statement, VMI black superintendent General US General Cedric T Wins said the school had no bias and racism and had set a precedent for “deep swimming” in the school’s policies.

VMI Superintendent Cedric T Wins talks to the 2021 team in Lexington, Virginia, on May 14 [File: Steve Helber/AP Photo]

Wins said the report’s findings “should be reviewed through VMI service expertise and our unique training method, and, if necessary, incorporated”.

“The agency is moving forward and it will be better because of this chapter in our history,” he said.

In anticipation of the release of the report, VMI released a statement acknowledging racism and said the school “could not achieve its goal of bringing educated and respected men and women if it would allow discrimination or bias to prevent it from happening”.

VMI outlined their recent efforts to address these issues, including the establishment in the October committee which looks at diversity, fairness and inclusion. He also said he would soon be hiring their first major diversity and creating a cadet-led program under the guidance.

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