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The Pope’s three most important words for a wedding: ‘Please, thank you, sorry’ | Religious Affairs

The head of the Roman Catholic Church has called on families to work together to recognize that the epidemic has exacerbated family problems.

Acknowledging that the COVID-19 epidemic has exacerbated marital problems, Pope Francis has urged couples to ask for help and to keep in mind the three key words in the family: “Please, thank you and sorry.”

Francis wrote a letter to the couple that was released on Sunday, the day of the Roman Catholic celebration commemorating the family of Jesus. It came in the middle of a year-long family celebration announced by Francis which is due to end in June with a convention in Rome.

In the letter, Francis said closure and solitude forced families to live together. But he noted that such association sometimes tests the patience of parents and siblings and sometimes causes problems.

“The problems that were already there were getting worse, which led to conflicts that are sometimes unbearable. Many have experienced the breakup of a romance, ”wrote Francis.

He offered his support to those families and reminded parents that divorce is especially difficult for children, who look to their parents as a constant source of stability, love, confidence, and strength.

Francis writes: “The breakup of a marriage often leads to heartache, because too many expectations are too great to bear, and disagreements can quickly escalate into arguments and frustrations.

“Kids hurt when their parents aren’t together.”

He encouraged parents to seek help to resolve conflicts, including prayer. “Remember, too, that forgiveness can heal any wound,” he said.

He echoed the words he used when meeting families and couples, listing the three most important words in the family: “Please, thank you and sorry.”

He wrote: “After each conflict, do not let a day go by without developing peace.

Francis worries about the decline in birth

Also on Sunday, in his weekly speech before the Church of St Peter, Francis complained to the Italians. fertility rate, warning that the downturn represents a threat to the country’s future.

Births in Italy last year reached the lowest level since the country was united in 1861, the National Statistics Office said this month, the number dropping for 12 consecutive years.

“The winter of the people is very difficult, especially here in Italy,” the pope said.

“It seems that a lot of people have lost interest in having children. Many families love to have no children or to have only one child. “It is a tragedy… that is against our families, our country and our future,” he added.

There were 404,892 births in Italy last year, the ISTAT statistics office said, down 15,192 from 2019. There were 746,146 deaths in 2020 while the population dropped to 59.3 million.

ISTAT says the decline in births has continued this year, adding that the COVID-19 epidemic appears to be the cause of the decline.

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