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The maker of ‘Final Fantasy’ says 5G will eliminate the long-term control of the game

The advent of 5G as a global standard will signal the long-term demise of volunteer games, as the Covid-19 epidemic encourages the temporary need for machines, says one of Japan’s leading game developers.

Forecast by Naoki Yoshida, director at Square Enix who oversees blockbuster development Final Fantasy and Dragon Search the series, comes with even the essence of Sony’s PlayStation 5 multiply availability and sales of Nintendo’s switch to continue hitting predictions.

But the fast pace and temporary changes away from television as the first game of the game can change this.

“Once 5G is available globally, it will be time to send images on any device,” Yoshida told the Financial Times in an online interview.

“Players can enjoy high-quality sports of all kinds without being tied to sports equipment or TV. We’re going there, and I don’t think the coronavirus will delay this change,” he added.

The sports and lighting companies are broken as cloud-based games and enter the market of modern groups, such as Google and Amazon, to finally tackle the game. The machines, since the mid-1970s, have shown the courage to predict their temporary needs.

Yoshida is well-known for resurrecting events Final Fantasy XIV: The Rebirth following its alarming appearance in 2010. More than a decade later, the series is played by one of the most popular online games, which 22m users have registered worldwide. It’s coming Final Fantasy XVI also produced by Yoshida.

Square Enix also benefited from the closure that makes for an interesting home experience. For the fiscal year ended in March, the group’s operating profits increased by 44% from the previous year to nthawi 47.2bn ($ 430m) following the establishment of Final Fantasy VII Remake and other new responsibilities.

“With the comfort of home, you have to be in front of the TV. . . I turned on the lights and waited for it to start, so it was fun that took time, ”said Yoshida. “Living at home, there was a lot more opportunity.”

However, following the amazing benefits of last year, industry research team Newzoo prediction that the twisting market is down by 8.9% to $ 49.2bn as the gaming industry struggles with global challenges lack of chip.

Although the epidemic has forced sports companies to make use of artists and programmers, Yoshida acknowledged other obstacles to his inability to exercise.

“It’s hard to read in the air when you’re online, which is why people started asking questions all the time using chat rooms,” he said. “At first we thought it might be better online but there were some surprises.”

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