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Vilnius and Lublin Reveal the Future “Bridge” Between Cities

Door in front of Vilnius train station in Lithuania.

Door in front of Vilnius train station in Lithuania.
Figure: Vilnius Tech LinkArt Factory (Vilnius)

It is a fact that the epidemic has been a major problem in travel and communication. Right things are looking up, we are away from return to normal though. This is one of the reasons Stargateshares revealed by two cities in Lithuania and Poland, which hope to give their citizens the opportunity to experience these experiences through professionalism and to touch on science fiction.

The cities of Vilnius, Lithuania and Lublin, Poland – located at a distance of 606 km far from each other — revealed their future pages this week. Described by the city of Vilnius in announcing the message, the gates resembled large, circular doors. Unlike the doors, however, they have large screens and cameras, which provide real food for anyone in front of the page to spread between the cities via the internet.

In Vilnius, the port is located near the Vilnius railway station. Currently, in Lublin, they live in the center of the city. Built by engineers from the LinkMenų fabrikas center in Vilnius Gediminas technical University, the project has been under way for five years.

Benediktas Gylys, President of Benedict Gylys Foundation and the “founder” of home ideas, he said in a newspaper that portals were a way to build bridges between people. Gylys also said that many of the problems people face, such as separation and climate change, are the result of misunderstanding of others and the world at large.

“[I]f we pay close attention, there is no shortage of skilled scientists, human rights activists, leaders, knowledge or expertise that cause these problems. It is the racism, the ruthlessness and the shortsightedness of the world, which just lives on our borders, “says Gylys.” It is a request for us to rise above our hypocrisy. “

Although there is no explicit mention of Stargate in the announcement of those involved, or maybe I did not find one of those ads, there was a head to sci-fi. The Vilnius Tech team apparently chose the stadium, which they called “the most recognizable and well-known scientific symbol,” on the interactive bridge. I guess and make it straight Stargate could make the project, which did not disclose its budget, much more expensive.

If you haven’t seen it Stargate, which captures three movies and over a dozen seasons, you should know that one of the most important things is the writing of the same name. (The pages from Vilnius and Lublin are not actual copies, yes). These leaves are the gateway between the planets.

The leaves of Vilnius and Lublin do not have the power to travel (unfortunately), but they are still good. They also have a problem that we all need to consider: the meaning of connecting with others around the world. We all share this world, and we must work together to protect and advance as a responsible and responsible team. This is impossible if we do not know for the first time about each other.

In the meantime, the developers of the site say they want to set up a site in other European cities and around the world. Bridges between Vilnius and Reykjavik, Iceland and London, England are next on the list, according to the worksheet.

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