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Is “Cruella” the Future of Disney Villain’s Original Movies?

Emma Stone and Cruella

Emma Stone and Cruella
Figure: Disney

She is a child, Estella (Tipper Seifert-Cleveland) was a twin-haired rebel who was born to give the authorities a hard time. Her mother, Catherine (Emily Beecham), encourages Estella fighting self-interest Cruella and connect with people as much as possible.

In the event of a disaster, Estella they are left on the streets to grow up as a fashion designer who aspires to be a fashion designer. Growing up, while Estella (Emma Stone) gets the chance to meet wealthy fashion designer The Baroness (Emma Thompson), learning more about the past and her skills than she wants.

I am Cruella in the future Disney bad news? I do not believe. It’s easy to know where Disney is trying to get here. They want to produce something that is not for young children. You don’t have to suck the dye on anything or extend the reception time by two hours to do this, but that’s what Cruella is wrong about.

Emma Stone plays the show up to 11 to prove her loyalty Cruella De Vil. His British ideas are sometimes confusing, but nonetheless the actors enjoy watching. However, the writings of Dana Fox and Tony McNamara are problematic.

Cruella it is unstable. The video draws the audience from one plot to another in order to reach the main character without giving us anything to help. Imagine if the story follows one way of thinking, perhaps the video may not last more than two hours. Cruella and Baroness are the only ones who see any development, and the rest are memorable things that spread in the background.

Should I feel sorry for Cruella De Vil? What is it that we find sorrow when we know what it will be like in the future as a human being, a beast that oppresses others. Disney he wants to give us critics, people whom we can criticize even if they are dangerous. It makes me think they forget why fans love some of these villains in the first place. We love them because we hate them – they don’t want to feel sorry for them. I don’t need his guess why he hates the Dalmatians! Template is starting to get boring. Not just from Disney, but the villains left. I’m done.

What I like Cruella and costume design by Jenny Beavan, Fiona Crombie design, and the work of the creative department. Emma Stone is wearing a beautiful Beavan’s Haute punk and pizazz dress. The place where Cruella arrives at one Baroness party has a front face and a strong pump.

Emma Stone and Cruella De Vil

Emma Stone and Cruella De Vil
Figure: Disney

And when the sets were a little brighter, they were beautifully designed to perform well in the 1960s in London. Cars, houses, fashion – no details are kept to ensure the reality is met. It all blends in well, it all looks like a display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Movies need more than fancy clothes, they need good news — and that’s what they need Cruella.

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