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The first Blue Origin pilot will depart on July 20

After years of growing up and a little over the course, The Origin of Blue preparing to experiment first pilot flight his Shepard’s new ship on July 20. The company will offer one seat for the biggest buyers in the online marketplace starting today. Until May 19, anyone can visit Blue Origin page and keep the secret private. After that date, the company will open the balance, allowing all concerned to see the money being played. All of this will culminate on June 12 with the stock market to determine the winner of the seat. The company will provide its proceeds from its STEM foundation, Future Club.

According to the July 20 plan, the New Shepard stand-alone rocket will fly 6 62 miles (or 100km) above the Earth’s surface. Those who are on the move will not be able to orbit the earth, but will weaken and see the curvature of the Earth before returning to earth. Obviously, Jeff Bezos and the company did not say how many New Shepard tickets they are planning to return once the flights become a regular occurrence.

Blue Origin is not the only rocket company flying in the air force this year. As part of St. John’s Hospital’s tour guide. Jude Children’s Research, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon art take four ordinary people to roll around this year.

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