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The EU split due to delays in making a decision on gas access as a green currency


The European Commission is divided over the decision to abandon the decision to split natural gas and green energy under its well-known economic system.

Brussels plans to publish new taxonomy articles on the established economy this week. The document was designed to guide those who want to direct their investment in environmental conservation, and to help deal with disruptive corporate reports, known as laundry.

The commission was forced to reconsider its position earlier this year after the statement was criticized by countries seeking to have the gas recognized as a low-level technology that could help the EU achieve its goal of becoming a destructive zero by 2050.

Now the publication of newly enacted laws could be suspended once the agency seeks to address the issue. According to a report in the Financial Times, the commission has delayed the decision to conduct another study on how nuclear and nuclear weapons “contribute to translation” in order to create a “transparent” technical competition.

But officials told FT that some Commissioners want oil to be turned green now, instead of delaying elections until the end of this year.

“There is a lot of talk in the Commission calling for gas to be included in the taxonomy,” said one official. A final decision on whether to approve the transcript or postpone it should be made on Monday.

EU taxes are heavily monitored by investors as the first experiment conducted by the governing body to develop a registry system that could help control billions of euros in the green economy.

But the approach has shown a lack of coherence, with several EU governments asking for the recognition of renewable energy sources such as gas.

Coal-dependent countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, and other oil-storage companies do not want the writers to stay away from them. France and the Czech Republic, too, are also promoting the recognition of nuclear weapons as a “revolutionary” technology in taxonomy.

A official issuance seen by FT earlier this month paved the way for the air to look green in a few places. These have already been removed along with other complex topics as we can divide the agricultural sector, based on recent FT observations.

The EU governments and the European Parliament have the power to ban such documents if they are able to combine countries with multiple MEPs.

Environmental groups have praised the work, and urged Brussels to adhere to scientific standards in the field of economic activity.

Luca Bonaccorsi from the Transport & Environment NGO says delaying nuclear and nuclear deterrence risks jeopardizing countries that use nuclear weapons such as France and the Czech Republic to merge with pro-gas countries “to form alliances that would lead to cooperation. it is the integration of both sources of energy ”.

“Once they were united, we could not resist the shooting of these two unsafe electricity,” Bonaccorsi said.

Delays in approving tax have forced Brussels to stop trying to use it as a basis for the EU green agreement that could be offered as part of a fund for recovery and bloc tolerance. About $ 250bn of debt will be disbursed as fixed bonds over the next few years, which would make the Commission one of the world’s largest fixed-income loans.


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