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The Chilean president predicts strong growth behind the vaccine


Chile hopes this year to recover from all economic growth lost by coronavirus, the only major country in Latin America to do so, as a rapid vaccine helps defeat the epidemic, according to President Sebastián Piñera.

Although a second-degree infection caused the outbreak at the end of last month, Piñera told the Financial Times that it was unprotected young people who were infected.

“Statistics show that the vaccines we are using in Chile, Pfizer and Sinovac, are effective,” he said in an interview, dispelling doubts about the Chinese jab.

Chile has so far provided 65 vaccines per 100 people, placing it third in the world after Israel and the UAE, both of which have a small population, due to the government’s recent efforts to secure aid.

About 90% of Chileans have received a Sinovac tooth from CoronaVac and a major Ministry of Health report released on Friday said the Chinese vaccine had proven 67% effective in preventing infectious diseases within two weeks from a second dose, even if you did well after one dose. it was too low. It was 80% effective in preventing death and 85% was effective in preventing hospital admissions.

An active vaccine is expected to make the economy more resilient, with the help of the world’s largest exporters of its foreign export brass. “We expect this year that the economic growth in Chile will be greater than the collapse we had last year,” Piñera said. “These expectations show that Chile is growing at 6% this year and we hope it will grow again.” The economy agreed last year with 5.8%.

Opposition groups called for a halt to the spread of the virus earlier this year, allowing a new outbreak of the virus to take place in the south-summer and hospitals, but Piñera said the spread of the disease was widespread in many countries and new vaccines were causing the disease. .

Chile hopes to eradicate livestock by June through vaccination, although former medical minister Jaime Mañalich doubted this could be possible if neighboring countries such as Brazil, Peru and Argentina were exposed to infectious diseases and new species were spreading.

New the number of cases forced a mid-May move to a special session of the new draft law, amending the document of developments in the Pinochet dictatorship. The new law, as well as the 10% security budget, is the government’s main response to the unrest and protests that swept the country in October 2019.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Piñera said although there is no country that is not immune to the global “disease” believers, they believe in the “wisdom, common sense and good judgment of the Chilean people”, indicating that one-third of the population needs to change, which should be less demanding. .

However, in the sign of population growth, Parliament on Saturday issued a grant allowing Thursday to allow investors to withdraw funds immediately from a local Chilean party for use here, ignoring government warnings.

Piñera, speaking before the vote, told FT that “if we continue to remove pensions, it will be difficult to give our seniors, now and in the future, money that allows them to live in dignity”. Researchers estimate that up to $ 10bn in revenue could be released this time, above $ 34bn released the first two removal.


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