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How to Convert Emails and Notes to Google Messages, iMessage, Gmail, and Outlook

Your phone should be switched on and kept in touch with outsiders so that pre-configured messages can be sent — you are delaying sending messages from local devices, instead of waiting in the cloud or on a server somewhere, so remember.

As for third-party chat apps, you do not find a list of apps like WhatsApp or Signal, but it is available in Telegram: Hold the Send button (blue arrow) to find it. Organize Messages perhaps, select a date and time for the shipment.

Save Emails

In addition to editing your message, you can also add delays to your emails. Gmail is great for this, and if you use Google email online, you can click the small arrow next to Send when you write a message, then Order send choosing a date and time.

Gmail will make some ideas for you, like tomorrow morning, but only if you choose to Choose a date & time The way below you can specify exactly when you would like the email to go. Future plans have a deadline and time you have chosen, so you can easily get a text message going right away.

Messages waiting to be sent are stored under It was fixed log in to the Gmail window on the left, and until you pass the message, you can open, edit, change the time to be sent, and delete it.

The emails you set are stored on Gmail servers, so you don’t have to make sure your devices are installed and use the internet as you do with the configured messages – once you set a date and time you can turn off your laptop and let Gmail take care of the rest.

Editing email in Gmail.Google through David Nield

These updates are available in Gmail for Android and iOS. In mobile apps, from the Write window you have to click on the three dots in the right corner and select Order send-You can follow Gmail suggestions or log in date and time.

Apple’s Mail customers don’t offer the service to send, but other types of emails do – and you can manage Apple email via them (or via Gmail if you wish).

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