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The death toll from police in Rio de Janeiro favela has risen to 28 | Human Rights Issues


Amnesty International says the anti-drug operation at Jacarezinho favela is ‘wrong and meaningless’.

The death toll from Brazilian police this week in Rio de Janeiro has risen to 28, police said late Friday, with human rights groups denouncing the violence.

One policeman and 27 people were killed in the fighting on Thursday, as authorities said they wanted to eradicate drug traffickers in Jacarezinho, a poor area in the North Zone of the city.

It was very dangerous police work what happened in Rio de Janeiro.

“The detectives confirmed that the dead were drug dealers. He shot at the police, to kill them. They were ordered to meet, “Chief Police Officer Allan Turnowski told reporters.

Brazilian authorities have identified a 48-year-old girl who has died, but no one has been killed in the operation – raising concerns in civil society groups and citizens who have criticized the police for their excessive use of force.

“The number of people killed in the police operation is unknown, and that the killings took place in a favel,” said Jurema Werneck, head of Amnesty International Brazil. words.

People are protesting against a police crackdown on Jacarezinho favela in Rio de Janeiro [Mauro Pimentel/AFP]

“While the suspects are suspected of being part of a criminal group, which has not been confirmed, such a brief kill could not make sense.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) also condemned the violence, saying it was “promoting the practice of unnecessary and unjust use of force” by Brazilian police in favelas.

Favelas live in the homes of the poor, oppressed and living in Afro-Brazil, OHCHR spokesman Rupert Colville said words on Friday.

“We have received reports that after this incident, the police did not take any action to keep the evidence at the forefront, which could hamper the investigation into this murderous activity,” he said.

Colville urged Brazilian officials to launch an “independent, comprehensive and non-discriminatory investigation” into the incident.

Brazil’s Supreme Court ruled last year to ban more police officers during the COVID-19 epidemic, which has devastated South America and killed more than 400,000 people – the second world number.


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