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Anthology “Unknown” Anthology Examines Beliefs and Real Crime


Johnathan Nolan and Lisa Joy

Johnathan Nolan and Lisa Joy
Figure: Greg Doherty (Getty Images)

A new horror story Anonymous is coming to Amazon, this time from Craig Macneill, Clay Chapman, Jonathan Nolan, and Kilter movies Lisa Joy. The announcement comes two years after Nolan and Joy signed a full-time contract with a search engine.

Anonymous incorporates the growth of American landscapes, urban legends, and cultures, and real crime scenes — following horrific movies like 2020 Darkness and Evil. The first episode will tell of two brothers and sisters who return to their home country of Texas and experience the evil forces that live in their childhood homes. No preparation date available yet.

Macneill and Chapman are not known for horror / fun. Macneill has directed the segments of popular television shows to include Castle Rock, In Amazon They, and Twilight Region. He also reviewed the video Lizzie, based on health events and (possible) Lizzie Borden’s. Chapman is an author and author of books and jokes, such as There is nothing Evil and the Marvel series Screaming: Cursed Curse.

After the two worked together, they directed / produced a terrific 2015 video BOY.

What do you think? It seems like everyone is trying to get into a dangerous game soon. Be prepared to hear more!

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