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The SNP should be missing most in Scottish homes


The program of Scottish National Party was in line on Saturday to remain the biggest party in parliament in Holyrood, but looks set to not win more than 129 seats.

The independent SNP won 59 of the last 70 seats recently announced on Saturday afternoon, but failed to take on the thresholds that it sees as the most important candidate in the House of Representatives.

The fourth consecutive election of Scottish members of parliament in the SNP means it will remain in power in Edinburgh and is a strong platform to force a second independent election in the UK.

However, the Conservative UK government should use all SNP failures to win the majority of the people as excuses for not approving the 2014 repeat, in which the Scots helped maintain the alliance by 55-45%.

Nicola Sturgeon, SNP leader and former prime minister in Scotland, said it had “taken too long” for his party to win a majority in the by-elections, which were already in office in 2011. The SNP ran a small government over the past five years.

“I am very happy and confident that we are in the SNP for the fourth consecutive election and that we will be elected to re-establish the government,” Sturgeon told the BBC at the Glasgow count on Friday.

The polls said that although the SNP was short of majority, independent Scottish Greens appeared to have won enough seats for half of the Holyrood MSPs to bring in another referendum.

Mr Sturgeon repeatedly insisted that refusing the UK government to accept another independent vote would not be possible if the majority supported Holyrood.

John Swinney, Scotland’s first deputy prime minister, said UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson should “just accept democracy in Scotland” if most MSPs support another referendum.

“That is the very essence of democracy. It is what the people of Scotland will vote for,” Swinney told the BBC on Saturday.

Johnson in January said Westminster should not accept another referendum until the 2050s interviewed by The Telegraph A newspaper report published on Saturday said the prime minister did not say anything about his intentions, but said he thought the “current” referendum would be “careless and careless”.

The final payment of 56 MSPs selected through regional seats is due to be announced on Saturday after announcing the latest regional seats.

Despite winning many seats, the SNP hopes that many will face a major setback as the wise vote of Conservative party supporters helped Labor seize the eastern Scottish border of Dumbarton. In Aberdeenshire West, Liberal Democrat allies helped the Tories deal with the SNP crisis.

John Curtice, a professor of political science at the University of Strathclyde, said the Aberdeenshire West’s response was a clear indication that the SNP was not repeating what happened in 2011 in the Holyrood victory. “The road to 65 [seats] now closed, “Curtice told the BBC.

But Scottish Greens’ staff said there would probably be more Holyrood in the second referendum from the UK. “Most of the independent people in the next parliament may be a little richer,” said Mark Diffley, a Scottish psychologist.

The map is a chart showing the devastation of the 2021 Scottish Scottish Parliamentary elections and the states and regions.

Investigators said Labor was seen as superior to the Conservatives as the main opposition party in Scotland, despite what appears to be a good campaign for the new left-wing leader, Anas Sarwar.

Sarwar increased the number of Labor votes in the Glasgow Southside constituency but was easily defeated by Sturgeon, MSP. But the new leader stressed that progress is his “job” of reforming Labor.

“Compared to where we were 10 weeks ago when I started the project, it’s a big change,” he said.

The turnout in Scotland on Thursday was much larger than in 2016, despite bad weather and snow in some parts of the country and what many observers have noticed is a lack of campaign.

Voters in Scottish parliamentary elections have two votes, while the chances of smaller parties depend on those who have created party lists.

Constituent polls say the new Alba party formed by former SNP minister Alex Salmond – who is based on a list of constituencies – will not win a seat.

Salmond said Compassionate bloggers on video that he had “succeeded” after losing his seat at Westminster in 2017. But the former SNP leader insisted that Alba would continue to be a “non-aligned” independent party after being frustrated by what he said was Sturgeon’s failure to file charges for leaving the UK.

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