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The Brave iOS browser is now playing music and videos in the list

You can have an easy time using your phone’s browser as a media search engine. Courageous and to get out an updated iOS browser that launches the Playlist app on a list of videos and videos. If you want to watch a cooking video or marathon podcast, you just have to click them to add them to the list that you can import as you wish.

Brave people download videos for free, though you can tell them to search for what you want if you don’t want a place. Downloads are unknown, too. The browser takes advantage of it IOS 14 photo-photo for video playback.

You have to be patient if you want a playlist on other platforms. It will not reach Android or desktop screens until 2021, Brave said. This may be worth the wait if you prefer to use the internet, however. It also reflects on the company’s transformation. While the secret was the first hook, Brave is in addition to video streaming and some that the secret is just one part.

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