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Call of Duty League will resume public events on June 17th


In-person Call of Duty game he goes back more than a year of real events, although it does not actually return to what happened before the plague. Organizers have revealed that the Call of Duty League will compete face to face between June 17 and June 20, when the Major IV tournament kicks off in Arlington, Texas. Don’t expect a huge fan base, though. Only teams with a “minority League” will be present, and will follow strict rules to protect everyone there.

Contributors should watch at home on YouTube. Major III’s special tour begins May 13.

This is not the first game opportunity to announce a return to physical competition. AppreciationVCT Masters Section 2 it happens in Reykjavik since May 24th, and the Overwatch League is to bring back Chinese events since June 4. Call of Duty League is seen as the first major outfit to revive international competition in the US, though.

There will be another danger. Although many Americans have been vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine, it is not true for all – and foreign visitors are a different story. Not surprisingly, league sports may be eager to revive individual competition, however. Their interdependence and minimal reduction can help teams adapt, and physical trips attract less attention by watching their facial expressions on the player’s game. Call of Duty League staff are eager to take the opportunity to get back into the routine and the visual encouragement that comes with this.

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