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Google turns on authentication for two things


It is a World Secret Day and shows the process by explaining to them how your passwords alone are not enough to protect your accounts and data. The company places great emphasis on two-factor authentication (which attempts to verify two-part or 2SV) by secretly launching Google accounts.

People who set up 2SV will be asked to verify that the right person is logging into the account with on their phone. The company says it will soon launch 2SV for everyone with ease, as long as their Google account is set up correctly. You can see if this is because of a Google account . You may have the opportunity to opt out, but it may not be the best practice.

This is the growth of Google has had it for some time. It may ask you to verify who you are with an Android app or through , Gmail or Google app on iPhone, as long as you’re logged in immediately. Quick drawing is easier than doing it and Google claims to be more secure than other 2SV alternatives. While this only applies to Google Accounts, we are encouraged to enable two-factor authentication for each account it supports.

Passwords are by no means outdated, however. Mu By announcing the 2SV transition, Google recognized that it has security for Chrome, Android and which can fill your own login page and apps. Google’s privacy manager isn’t really , but it is free, easy to use and even better than never having.

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