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The author of Black Panther Ta-Nehiis Coates Wants Well To The Creators

T'Challa and his friends.

T’Challa and his friends.
Figure: Daniel Acuña, Brian Stelfreeze / Usadabwe

I am Black Panther # 25 to bring Running of Ta-Nevis Coates on the Wonderful Joke – which turned Wanda into a time-bound, interconnected kingdom – to the end, the author goes on to describe the next chapter of another graphic story, by Warner Bros. ‘ Superman’s next video almost a Wakuda Kal-El. Although Coates is moving in the direction of the movie, his sense of humor is running high, and his interest in the design industry makes him a sought-after artist for other artists in the air.

In a recent interview with Polygon sponsors (and former io9 author) Evan Narcisse, Coates expressed the deep debt he feels for Marvel by giving him the opportunity to speak Black Panther story. But Coates also described how he knows how the entertainment industry is changing the subject billions of dollars franchise no They always support the manufacturers on the scales of their transformation. “I’m not talking about myself here, because I feel like I have a chance to make money in a variety of ways,” Coates said. “But there are people who make a lot of money using picture books. And I wish Marvel could find better ways give back to the makers who helped create the Black Panther Black Panther. I wish they had found better ways to pay for the people who made Captain America Captain America. ”

Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s story “The Death of Captain America” ​​was a story that Coates saw as an example of the release and growth of characters who wanted to achieve his run on Captain America list. Brubaker himself spoke recently of his experiences Viewing what they take from picture books is transformed into a special part of the license to watch a video whose profits have not been made even though they had a significant role in its production. In Coates’ view, Brubaker’s Winter Soldier described the behavior and set up a plan for a recent MCU colleague. Falcon is a Hot Soldier and it brings some clear ideas.

“I wish they had found ways to get the author of the main article of the Winter Soldier that you will read. I don’t like that Falcon is the Winter Soldier show on TV and I hear from Ed [Brubaker] that they can’t connect with … I just don’t like it. I don’t like that. See, I had a good time. I had a great and successful time writing Marvel. I am in debt to Marvel, ”he said. “I love my editors, Wil, Tom, Alana, Sara, Martin … Chris. I had some really good people to work with. The cohesive part of this, though … the cohesive part of this is not good. It’s not pretty at all. The way you do with people who form the basis of this, I don’t like. ”

He continued: “But to be with him, to put him in the book, to get Steve Epting out of the book he did, to see people make billions more than billions, and [Brubaker] saying they can’t be called. I don’t know what the relationship will be like in the future, but as a producer, you think about it. You think about how people treat other people. You think about how organizations help other people. And I don’t like you, boss. ”

While this is the kind of writing project that IP set up in the end with a company that owns the rights of the nominees, it is one part of the company that should be considered as publishers and studios that continue to turn the content into visual and visual audience.

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