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U.S. Army accidentally removes Nuclear Weapons: Write

Illustration of the story of the US Army's Nuclear Explosion Online: Nuclear Weapons Online: Report

Figure: Peter Macdiarmid (Getty Images)

U.S. troops stationed in various parts of Europe accidentally revealed secrets about American nuclear weapons stored through unprotected programs that they used to memorize their secrets, according to a surprise report. new report.

In what appears to be a confusing notion of American intelligence, the soldiers accidentally revealed “not only the buses” in which the girls were kept but, twice, and “places of residence”the heat ‘ a place that is likely to contain nuclear weapons, ”wrote Foeke Postma, a researcher OSINT Bellingcat research team. He also revealed a number of other types of information, ranging from a wide range of passwords, passwords, and local security settings.

Surprisingly, the soldiers use common programs such as Chegg, Elephant, and Quizlet to keep the real secrets of European corporations the ones that seem to have forgotten to change software changes from the public to the private sector, Postma research shows. Some of the same soldiers apparently also left their names in public, “including the full names of their creators,” and re-used the images they had stored in their LinkedIn records – making them easier to track.

It is not clear from the report why he did this.

Postma says she was able to learn more about the same thing with Googling official words and characters related to the US nuclear weapons program. Afterwards, he found 70 flashcards looking at the group entitled “A Lesson!” which revealed information about the proliferation of nuclear weapons at the Volkel Air Base in the Netherlands (long-US nuke stockpile rumors). To make matters worse, Postma says this is starting to open up the search found a large flashcard caches, which together revealed “the incense of all other European sites that are said to have nuclear weapons.”

Other flashcards described the number of security cameras and their location in various locations, most of the sensor and radar information, the incredible notification (RAB) badges of Incirlik, Volkel, and Aviano as well as passwords and type of equipment carried by the military guard holes.

“The growth that the military has brought down and the sharing of security unknowingly represents a major failure in the workforce,” Postma said. “Due to potential security concerns, Bellingcat contacted NATO, the US European Command (EUCOM), the US Department of Defense (DoD) and the Dutch Ministry of Defense four weeks before the release.” From there, flashcards information about the loss has been removed, Postma writes, even Motherboard reports that some are still available on the Wayback Machine.

If so, the story and the worst kind of Joe Biden Venmo event—The words of the US pThe resident ceased to disclose all sponsors of the program, including relatives and friends. Government officials should be aware that ordinary programs are not theirs. Seriously, there was no other legal type produced a learning program with military posters that he could use? Gradually, it can help them uncover their secrets – especially if they are questioning each other about what the American bomb killed.

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