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Here is the head of Theranos ‘Elizabeth Holmes’ Jury Questionaire

Illustration of the article If You Read This, You Are Not Welcome In The Court of Elizabeth Holmes

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On Thursday, Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes filed a lawsuit Questionnaire Research 112 for potential judges in his fraudulent case, which is due to start in August. Probably, it tries to get rid of people who might want to love taking a break from work to see this.

According to the Wall Street Journal the first was said, multiple-choice questions check whether people are bloggers like us or readers like you – yes, they ask if they have read Gizmodo. Weeee. (We’re on a list of about 50 sales that go from the New York Times to Breitbart, however.) They also ask if the participants of the survey wrote blogs. And he wants to know if he is following the media including Kara Swisher.

Twelve of the 46 books were written by Elizabeth Holmes' legal team.

Twelve of the 46 books were written by Elizabeth Holmes’ legal team.
Drawing picture: Gizmodo / US Supreme Court in Northern District in California

Maybe a little bit insistent that judges, NOT GOOGLE IT, subscribe to at least 15 journalists, 19 TV and radio stations, 46 publishers, and TED article, a Podcast, two books, two notes, and a 20/20 special.

It is understandable that Holmes does not want people who are very online. Twitter caught fire when longtime manager Steve Jobs stood up for a murderous empire, for example, millions of dollars hypocrisy it’s him A blood test, Theranos. After being well received by the media, the Securities and Exchange Commission case Holmes and former President of Theranos Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani have received $ 700 million from investors using their obscene language – including that the Security Department used Theranos technology in Afghanistan and that the company made $ 100 million in 2014. that, according to the SEC, Theranos largely relies on the expertise of other companies to test blood. During its growth, Theranos achieved $ 9 billion.

The court is writing quoted by Verge, the prosecutor, said the investigation was “too long, too complicated, unnecessary, contradictory, and repetitive.” For example, consider the following:

  • Have you ever written a letter to the editor or called the radio?
  • What are your partner’s preferences, your major interests, hobbies and other hobbies and sports?
  • If you have ever been a writer or non-publisher, please state what you wrote and when you wrote it:
  • Have you ever posted messages, comments, or ideas on your page / TV, or blogging?
  • What do you think is the most important part of media coverage that is good and accurate?
  • Have you ever reported the wrongdoing to your employer or to a government agency?
  • If the US government accuses a business executive of fraud, you think: [various degrees of guilty or innocent]
  • If the United States government criticizes the company’s chief medical officer and tests laboratory, do you think it is: [various degrees of guilty or innocent]
  • You are taught that a defendant can be presumed innocent unless he or she is found guilty of any crime. Based on what you have read or heard so far, do you think that the protagonist is: [various degrees of guilt or innocent]

If you put the “probably innocent” box under the last three questions, I’ll give you all the other 109 more questions, as well as not reading the blog post, A +. The case should start at the end of August.

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