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Story 8 Pictures Of Things That May Oppose Your View of the World


This week, we continue to hear the effects of climate change. Whether it’s a 100 degree temperature permit in your city or a wildfire burning in Greece and California, our innovations are impossible to ignore. We have seen the impact of fire around the world. Now that the Olympics are over in Tokyo, some artists are looking back at their favorite photos from the 2020 Games. Photographer Lanna Apisukh has spent many years writing about the culture of athletic girls, and her pictures will make you go to ollie’s study.

In China, a group of elephants migrating for hundreds of years has attracted hearts and minds, and a Welsh photographer. Claire Thomas she has shared photos and her love for horses in photography since her time working on a dude farm in Wyoming. Buck Ellison drew a picture of how old money looks and who pays, as we have seen in The New Yorker. Jake Michaels went to Belize to photograph a group of Mennonites there who seemed to become very cold over time.

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