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Stopping J&J Vaccination Was Easy. Shortness of breath Will Be Difficult


The world of public health was preparing for something like this. They just don’t know what something could be. “Once this vaccine has been introduced worldwide, for billions of people, we know that its effects are not unexpected,” says Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute. “This is very rare – Mr. Johnson & Johnson is one millionth, AstraZeneca is one hundred thousand, ballpark. It’s very good. It doesn’t encourage anyone, but it should also encourage many.”

However, it would not be difficult to get the message across, especially if the numbers have not been clearly stated. Vaccine monitors and researchers are still awaiting information on the causes of the freezing, the most vulnerable groups, and the prevalence of this dangerous freeze.

The J&J vaccine and AstraZeneca both produce frontal proteins on the surface of the virus that causes Covid-19. The vaccine transmits the immune system through other infections, especially adenoviruses that are transformed into “vectors” that will transmit virological properties. That interact– Between the ice and the Covid vaccine that uses the adenovirus vein – it looks good.

Although currently the J&J vaccine contains only 5% of the total vaccine offered in the US, the numbers are rising. These fractures are so bizarre that they may or may not have been detected, or more are coming — meaning that pathologists may not know the exact number of people with the disorder (numbers, so to speak) or the actual number of people I have received J&J vaccinations in the last few weeks ( religion). And this type of freezing – especially without too much blood – is already there few but well-known difficulties of Covid-19, too, so even getting a background profile is not easy.

With only six incidents to occur, no one can determine whether the fact that all the people involved were women under the age of 50 is practical or not. It may have been an accident, a reading noise. Or maybe girls are at greater risk. If so, their risk could not be one in a million – because they were a small group of vaccinated people, with a high order. Or maybe there is something dangerous, yet unknown.

Now, perhaps that risk is still significant compared to getting a Covid-19. That is what European observers are all about he concludes about the risks and benefits of AstraZeneca vaccine, especially for certain groups of people. “I think the uniqueness of the symptomatic groups is that they were particularly noticeable in the low-risk group, which is a contributing factor,” said Natalie Dean, a clinical specialist at the University of Florida. “It’s all about re-evaluating profits, and it’s happening at a lower rate, not at the whole population.”

So why haven’t the regulators had their own anti-inflammatory experts to do those maths quietly, instead of competing with the genre? The real question that the FDA and their advisers will answer is the same as doing any medical treatment: How do risks remain close to benefits? In the case of the J&J vaccine, its benefits are obvious but the risks are not real, not complete. And the risks and benefits are different for people of different ages, in areas with high Covid-19 levels. Earlier this month, researchers at the Winton Center for Risk and Evidence Communication made strenuous efforts run these numbers AstraZeneca vaccine. For young people at risk of contracting the virus, the vaccine can bring 1.1 blood transfusions per 100,000 people, approximately, and prevent 0.8 cases of Covid-related infections. But of the 60- to 69-year-olds who are most at risk, the vaccine could have lagged behind only 0.2 per 100,000 and prevent emergency room reception of about 128. It looks like a good idea.


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