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US sanctions in Russia Re-enact Cyberespionage Laws


Some critics of cyberpolicy see Biden and SolarWinds punishing spies in a humorous way: an inconsistent, knee-jerk response that satisfies anyone who would claim that supervisors are soft in Russia. “These are not trying to fix the Russian system,” said Dmitri Alperovitch, a former CTO on CrowdStrike and co-founder of the Silverado Policy Accelerator focused on cybersecurity. “This is what makes us feel so good that we’re giving back especially to the audience at home.”

Alperovitch says that punishing the Kremlin government for its careful use of the internet – and filling it with many vicious acts – makes it difficult to re-enter the Kremlin. “I’m not against stabbing Russia,” says Alperovitch. “But it would have been very helpful if we just kept thinking about one or two things that we think would never happen and we told them if you fixed the behavior. This is how you manage or you can have it and not.”

However, officials say that even spies can cross borders, especially at this level. “In some ways the law is not new, even though it may be foreign to the computer,” said Michael Michael, president of the Cyber ​​Threat Alliance and a former cyber vice president at the Obama White House. “Just because there is a recognition that every government does espionage does not mean that you do not respond when the work has grown and shamelessly.”

Tom Bossert, a former security adviser to former President Donald Trump, echoes this sentiment, and says he would have taken similar steps to punish Russia if he had been on a special SolarWinds mission. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture Penalties imposed on Russia for NotPetya in 2017, which cost $ 10 billion worldwide damage. Bossert says, unanswered, it would be like Japanese planes circling Pearl Harbor and we all sit down and say, ‘I believe, I believe this is just a spy job. They’re up there taking pictures, ‘”he says. “Currently, Japanese airlines are not only passing Pearl Harbor, but New York, Washington, DC, Indiana, and LA, putting companies and organizations at risk.”

Officials at Biden also said this on Thursday, holding a crackdown on the number of fraudulent SolarWinds that could have triggered as a key factor in the response. “What is happening is that, from the platform, from the huge availability of opportunities they have, there are opportunities to do other things, and it is something we cannot tolerate,” NSA director Rob Joyce told reporters on Thursday. “That is why the US government wants money and is pushing back.

But critics in response to regulators say that although SVR used SolarWinds fraud to cause major disruption, it did not. “You don’t give a man a hammer for what he could do,” Alperovitch says. You just think about what he did. ”

The White House, perhaps, is judging Russia on the same issue he cried has happened, Chesney University of Texas says. The NotPetya attack also used software to destroy malware which would later be considered the cheapest in history. The Russian military GRU has done NotPetya, instead of acting cautiously and stealthily. But the differences may be small compared to the methods they use. “Russia is seen as a group,” says Chesney. “One child in the group burned their license. And now everyone is punished for this. “

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