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Sri Lanka wants $ 40m first for damaged pilot | News of Sri Lanka


Colombo is still monitoring the total cost of the currency from May 20 to June 1, officials say.

Sri Lanka is seeking $ 40 million from a pilot damaged by a shipwreck off the coast to find out more about the blaze, officials said on Saturday.

A senior lawyer in Sri Lanka has sent this to lawyers representing X-Press Feeders, a shipping company, says Darshani Lahandapura, head of the Marine Environment Protection Authority.

He said officials were still investigating all the damage, and the request was seeking compensation on May 20, when the ship was set on fire, until June 1.

MV X-Press Pearl best known in Singapore began to sink on June 2, a day after the authorities put out the fire.

Last week, experts he recovered a photocopy of data from a fire-retardant vessel.

A fire broke out when the ship was built about 9.5 nautical miles (18 kilometers) northwest of the capital, Colombo, and was waiting to enter the main coast of the country.

Sri Lankan naval officers believe the fire was caused by a cargo container, which also includes 22 tons of nitric acid and other chemicals, many of which were destroyed in the fire. But debris, including hot fiberglass and tons of plastic sheeting, has already devastated nearby beaches.

There is concern that the loss of trace elements in the navel could adversely affect aquatic life.

However, Sri Lankan officials and the ship’s crew said there was not enough fuel.

The fire burned 13 days before it was extinguished last week. Attempts to dive into deep water failed as the stern of the ship sank.

The ship is almost submerged at about 21 feet (70 feet).

On Friday, the government said it was testing water samples to determine if the ship was dripping with oil. The experiment was launched with satellite images from Planet Labs Inc showing a potential fuel in the water near the ship.

A court in Colombo has barred a pilot, a senior engineer and an engineer from leaving the country.


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