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The Yankees Covid Epidemic Can Be a Bad Massage Story


The same eight people works for the New York Yankees baseball team, including a player, with them tested positive for HIV of Covid-19 – and both received the virus vaccine more than a month ago.

This looks bad. But do not be afraid. (Or, if you’re a Red Sox fan, stop smiling.) This “win” doesn’t mean that the vaccine isn’t working, or that some of the worst forms of vaccination began to spread across the Yankees ’changing room. It means, however, that it may be a little earlier to take off those masks.

Superintendent Aaron Boone announced seven lawsuits among co-workers to reporters Wednesday; On Thursday the Yankees re-appointed Gleyber Torres recently on the injured Covid-19 list-He contracted the disease in December, received a vaccine, and was tested again. Six of the seven cases in which they were, incidentally, were meaningless. What everyone knows about them is that the team always tests co-workers and players.

That’s the twisting ball here. “Punishment cases are rarely reported, as most may not be known,” says Ana Isabel Bento, a naturalist at Indiana University School of Public Health. And many people will not get tested unless they have to, or if they have an illness. ”

That is why it is impossible to explain how the outbreak of this group is so strange, because no one knows the exact number – the number of people who, after vaccination, become infected but do not get sick. The Yankees received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on April 7. It’s time for their immune system to fight off the virus. But there is no perfect vaccine. “Johnson & Johnson was 100% effective in preventing hospitalization and death, 85% was effective in combating serious cases, and 72% was effective in preventing minor illnesses in various trials,” Bento said. “That’s why we expect that if people who are vaccinated become infected, they will be asymptomatic.”

In an effort to stem the tide of this scourge, many Covid vaccines were tested for their ability to prevent serious illness and death. They all do very well. “But to determine if the outbreak is related to the effective vaccine activity, which J&J said was HIV positive, you may want to compare the rates,” says Sarah Cobey, a researcher and biologist at the University of Chicago.

What we can do, almost. Mu vaccine trials, Johnson & Johnson researchers also tested other issues if they had the disease: What were the people tested positive for the virus? kale The study found that they had antibodies to the virus later, whether they were sick or not. About two and a half months after vaccination, 2.8 percent of those who did not receive the vaccine were sick without any symptoms. It is also 0.7 percent of the population did get vaccinated. It is useful, a minimizing the risk, about 74.2 percent (with very high confidence, indicating that statistical power here is the case). Mu picture published earlier this week (so they did not look again), independent researchers looking at the actual effects of the J&J vaccine two weeks after the shooting found that three out of 1,779 people who had been vaccinated were tested for the Covid-19 virus, compared to 128 out of 17,744 people are not vaccinated. That’s a very good dose, but not 100%.

The problem is, the Yankees did not say how many people received the vaccine – the team spokesman did not answer my questions – so it is impossible to know whether the eight bad cases are the best or just the same as the course (like ‘Forgive me the illustration from all other games).


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