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South Korea unveils $ 12bn budget to end explosion of COVID curbs | Business and Economy

Restaurants, bars and gymnasiums have been severely affected by the time to reach the business which will remain until February 6th.

South Korea unveiled an additional $ 14 trillion ($ 11.75bn) budget on Friday to support self-employed and small businesses that are most affected by the COVID-19 complementary approaches.

An estimated 11.5 trillion winners will be used to help small business owners and compensate for losses due to increased HIV / AIDS strategies, the finance ministry said.

Another 1.5 trillion winners have been appointed to protect COVID-19 tablets for 400,000 people and 25,000 medical beds.

The other 1 trillion winners will be used as emergency barns as the Omicron coronavirus spreads and needs more help.

To raise funds, the government will provide $ 11.3 trillion in revenue and spend $ 2.7 trillion in government grants.

Election of President

The extra budget, which is due to be tabled in parliament on Monday, comes at a time when the ruling Democratic Party is struggling to secure public assistance in the weeks leading up to the 2022 presidential election.

With the recent additional budget, total government spending rises to 621.7 trillion which has been achieved this year, in addition to the previously approved budget of 607.7 trillion.

This is likely to be an 11.4 percent increase from the original 2021 budget, where it is expected to bring the government debt control over all domestic sales to 50.1 percent.

South Korea extended its strict human rights laws for another three weeks, including 9pm access to restaurants, restaurants and bars and limited size of private meetings, amid concerns over the number of species that cause Omicron disease, especially before New Year . vacation.

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