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South Africa refuses to sell Nelson Mandela cell key | Nelson Mandela News

Prime Minister calls for the abolition of the US market for the key to a prison in Cape Town where Mandela was imprisoned.

South Africa’s prime minister wants to end the upcoming US key market for Robben Island Prison in Cape Town where the late Nelson Mandela, the country’s first black president and long-term activist, has been in jail for a long time. anti-discrimination.

The secret is one of Mandela’s souvenirs on sale at the Guernsey House in New York on January 28th.

Most of the items were donated by Mandela’s family to raise funds for a museum and garden near his grave, while the key was being sold by a former Mandela prison warden who became his friend.

“It is absurd for Guernsey, who is well versed in our country’s bitter history and key symbol, to consider secrecy without consulting the South African government, South African heritage authorities and the Robben Island Museum,” said the Minister of Sport, Arts, and culture Nathi Mthethwa said on Friday.

“This key is for South Africans under the care of the Robben Island Museum and South Africa State. It’s not everyone’s business. ”

“The key should be returned immediately to the owners and the sale will be stopped,” Mthethwa said, adding that he was discussing with the government “the best way to prevent the sale and the return of trade. Necessary for South Africa.”

In response, the auctioneer said the proceeds from the sale were funded to build a monument and a museum near Mandela’s burial ground.

Mandela’s eldest daughter, Mrs Mandela-Amuah, went to Guernsey’s to trade Mandela memorabilia to help build the garden, Arlan Ettinger, Guernsey’s president, told The Associated Press.

“We are honored to sell a lot of things for the Mandela family to help them make a garden,” Ettinger said.

The 33 items for sale are one of Mandela’s many different coats, gifts from former US leaders Barack Obama and George W Bush, as well as items signed by Mandela and artwork.

The key to his former prison is one of three items sold by Christo Brand, Mandela’s warden on Robben Island.

He also provided a list of South African laws that Mandela had written to Brand with the exercise bike that Mandela used.

The secret has been with the Brand for many years and has been shown around the world, said Ettinger.

“The key represents the worst and the best of human beings,” Ettinger said.

“The key was locked for Mandela because of his anti-apartheid protests and it was dangerous. The key was released and he was released from prison to the President of South Africa and became an inspiration to millions of people around the world. is the place where Mr Mandela was buried. ”

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