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Somali fighters pass through parts of Mogadishu ‘| Somali News


Witnesses say they have been evacuated by armed men one day after clashes with government officials demanding the advancement of their work.

Somali fighters began work in other parts of Mogadishu’s capital one day later fighting against government forces regretted wanting the President to extend his term.

Witnesses say armed men and machine guns with machine guns were placed in a security checkpoint on Monday, when the city’s main roads were closed.

“Somali soldiers and human rights activists have taken part in the highways, there are civilian transport but, in some areas, they do not allow anyone to move,” witness Abdullahi Mire told AFP.

Somalia, after surviving a long-running civil war, is facing the worst political turmoil in recent years for failing to hold elections in February.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, popularly known as Farmaajo, was sharply criticized at home and from foreign allies after signing a law earlier this month to extend his term of two years.

On Sunday night, a short-lived gunfire was heard in the capital after a battle broke out between government forces and allies of various opposition leaders.

Conflicts – especially in the northern region of Sanca and Marinaya with busy KM4 roads in the interior – began after many protesters staged protests against the spread of the Farmaajo era.

There were no recent reports of injuries.

In a statement from Nairobi, Catherine Soi of Al Jazeera said that although the opposition has been doing its main work, there will be no talks on Monday morning.

“There seems to be a lot of ground negotiation as no one wants to do a real war,” Soi said. “The ambassadors are trying to bring the two parties together, saying that they should intensify the conflict. Everyone just wants peace.”

Potential growth

Somalia, which was embroiled in war and insurgency in 1991, has been struggling to re-establish its central government and rebuild the country, with the help of other countries. The failure of the elections in February led to another problem.

Problems persisted on Monday, with some people trying to leave their homes in the affected areas.

“People are starting to flee Bermudo as freedom fighters took over last night, things are difficult and there could be war at any time if things do not change,” Fadumo Ali, a member of one of the worst territories, told AFP.

“Some families have already left last night when the fighting started … we don’t know what will happen in the next few hours but now there is peace and no fighting,” said Feysal Hassan.

When schools and universities were closed, life in some unaffected areas continued as normal.

The crisis in Somalia has raised serious concerns for foreign nationals, who have called on Farmaajo to return to talks with the country’s five leaders on electoral elections.

“I am deeply saddened by what is happening in Mogadishu,” European Union envoy Nicolas Berlanga wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

“Interest calls for greater restraint, retention of all organizations and negotiations. Violence is unacceptable. Those responsible will be held accountable.”

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble told a news conference on Monday that he was “saddened by the violence that sparked the unrest in Mogadishu during the holy month of Ramadan”.

He called on the security forces to “fulfill their international commitment and to maintain peace in Mogadishu.”


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