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Europe was created for a stable country

When asked by a reader what I need in the UK, I say without thinking – why frankly – the proximity of other countries. After self-criticism (“You weren’t rooted when the formal forms passed”), I realized I would have said the same thing if I had left France or Germany. The nation is not an idea. The glory of the community is.

At the present time more than a dozen European countries living in extreme and diverse areas also harass those who no longer have them. Copenhagen for tryst, San Sebastián for a feed: I only know in Southeast Asia to estimate the number of surprises. To see, a trip from Washington to LA is one hour longer than London and Rome a return trip.

This aspect of European life is as unique as it is. There are reasons to think that it will make sense.

For many people, the future promises less mobility. Modern health codes have nothing to do with this. If more or more trips return to Zoom, then the valuable support for the financial seats is gone.

At the same time, to curb the eureka minutes of electronic currencies, the green tax bill for air travel (or even actual curbs) builds up. It is absurd to imagine the price of a ticket across the Atlantic ten years from now. But if we do not see 2019 as the most democratic time in the history of travel, there will be something new in the years to come.

This is a clear case. Here’s the worst: a place that can cross free-flowing will hold a choice of public but rich vacation options, almost always. The diverse and exciting temporary location nearby will be important in a way that has never been done since the beginning of the aviation era.

It is the time when Europe will appear on the world stage. Yes, Brazil, America and India can state their inward numbers – ethnicities, forms – as continents. The Indochinese archipelago is about 250m long and, according to Samuel Huntington’s impressive map, three developments.

However, with 40 countries, with nearly half a billion official languages ​​in the US, Europe is difficult to match because of coercion. And that is why we have not yet prepared its airspace: railroads, ghostly roads, North Sea, Baltic and Mediterranean passenger routes. Unless the continent has a large Nile river crossing it would be ideal to have a short commute.

Kindly, this travel area is not established. New demands from the middle-growing middle class group in Asia could change the aviation economy just as much as the loss of old business documents. When it comes to green taxes and air counts, voters are responsible for finding the best games until the time to find permanent accommodation.

But if this were to happen in the future, however, a small contract, full of resources, connected by rail and tar, would come on its own as a residence. And – I say this as “Ode to Joy” – a scary remnant – this is true whether or not you are an EU.

What are the controversies after Brexit jaunts going ashore is not in conflict with the black approach. Two and a half hours to Paris is still two and a half hours to Paris. “A continent we will never leave,” Boris Johnson described Europe at the tragic end of the post as stepping down as foreign secretary. What his point was not at the beginning reaffirmed the geological truth.

Eventually, unless airborne prices become dangerous, well-known flyers will spend more money on other items. I’m a green wanderlust belt and even I could leave a case or six of Pommard to feel the heat of Bangkok. It is one of the few places that will be established by the atmosphere that earns the most money. Life in one area after another will provide another opportunity. In contrast to the US-superior-all, modern Europe has always marketed itself as the best place to be. What used to be a proud treasury can be worldly.

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