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Sit back and enjoy the show! AMC raises market price of $ 14B | Social and Cultural Affairs

The revenue of the television industry in the United States has risen by more than 1,250% per year, encouraged by Reddit marketers and users.

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Active sellers of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. raised the corporate market for $ 14 billion for the first time.

Sessions expanded the future meeting to 49%, mainly from the end of January, at 3:15 pm in New York, when Leawood, Kansas company jumped. The volume jumped again, with more than 600 million shares alternating, more than four times the previous five terms.

The AMC revival has been encouraged by investors who want to save the film industry after raising more than $ 1 billion to avoid refunds in recent months. The stock has risen by more than 1250% per annum.

Chief Executive Officer Adam Aron welcomed the Reddit-sponsored conference and spoke to new vendors at the meetings. The stock has doubled since AMC recorded its quarterback results on May 6, adding more than $ 10 billion in value. Thursday’s memorandum appears on the $ 216.8 million low market that hit April 2020.

While Chad Beynon, a Macquarie Securities researcher, expects the AMC to continue to deal with debt and lending before it becomes more profitable on the stock market, he has acknowledged the risks to businesses.

“The Reddit team is strong, the volumes have gone out recently, which is why there is a need for no pre-Covid,” he said on the phone. The company’s ability to earn more than $ 10 per share earlier this month “was the first time the company has benefited from the Reddit conference,” he said.

AMC’s revenue from the sale of hundreds of millions of additional items is key to a significant increase in the market despite the fact that the stock is actually selling 20% ​​from its peak in 2015. More than 490 million AMC shares are currently available for sale, generated by the Bloomberg show, almost seven times 52 million episodes took place early last year.

More Money

The debt built by AMC has been in the pipeline, raising new prices in recent days. The company’s stock, which was trading for a few cents in November, is approaching, according to Trace’s actions. The loan has a maximum coupon of 12% on the 2026 issue.

AMC stocks were among the best performers in the U.S. stock market on Thursday, earning from the start of the week.

The company has already said it could make more money, and some businesses are selling more shares to pay or manage more than $ 10 billion.

The video chain will “carefully monitor the increase in costs in any way we think is the most attractive” and is focusing more on waste, Aron said by calling to discuss the results of the fourth quarter in March.

The company’s recent resumption in the hands of private sellers has led the market to more than double its April 2017 total of $ 4.17 billion ahead of this year’s sales. To put it another way, AMC has been raising more than $ 1 billion in each final phase – more than double its value at the beginning of the year.

The demise of the video company to send solid box numbers when it reopens in major markets like New York and California is important, said B. Riley Securities expert Eric Wold said by phone. Download tools that were changed to exclude Wednesday to mention the affected.

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