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Seven people have been killed in a shipwreck on the Greek island | Migration Issues

Search and rescue operation saved 90 people after the ship struck north of Antikythera.

At least seven people have been killed when a refugee boat refugees the shipwreck occurred on a small island in southern Greece, officials say.

Greek coast officials on Friday said they had rescued more than 90 people when their boat struck a rock in the north of the remote island of Antikythera yesterday.

Seven bodies were found, and an investigation is under way, it said. Survivors include 27 children, 11 women and 52 men, the Coast Guard told AFP.

“It is still unknown how many were in the boat before it sank,” he said.

In another incident Friday, Greek police arrested three people on suspicion of smuggling and detaining 92 refugees and refugees after a boat hit the southern Peloponnese.

Greece is one of the main routes to the European Union for refugees and refugees fleeing conflict and poverty in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and beyond, although the number of immigrants has dropped dramatically since 2015-2016, when more than one million people. , especially Syrian refugees, traveled across the country to other EU countries.

Many try to cross boats from the coast of Turkey to the nearby eastern islands of the Aegean Greek. But with an increase in supervision and reports of short-term evacuations from Turkey to new arrivals, Turkish smugglers are sending boats full of refugees and refugees across the Mediterranean to Italy instead.

Thursday’s crash was the second of its kind in the Aegean Sea this week. During the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, the boat is thought to be carrying 50 people to stop on the island of Folegandros, killing at least three people. Many others fear losing their lives.

Folegandros, one of the southern islands of the Cyclades, does not follow the regular route of smugglers.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has called the Folegandros’ “worst” shipwreck in the Aegean this year.

Adriano Silvestri, UNHCR (UNHCR’s Assistant Representative in Greece), stated: “The wreckage is a sad reminder that human beings continue to travel dangerously for safety.

“Such tragic deaths are preventable, including the establishment of sustainable and secure mechanisms that can prevent people from adopting traffickers,” he said.

UNHCR estimates that more than 2,500 people have died or been drowned during the attempts to reach Europe from January to November this year.

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