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Samsung C-Lab’s latest features include a smart guitar with LED sensors

As it is every year around this time, Samsung has unveiled its C-Lab Initiative CES 2022 project, with the aim of testing customer feedback and developing more inspiring ideas. The star of the show this year is ZamStar, a guitar and combo of programming designed to make collaboration and learning easier. Other well-known activities include the AI ​​solution to help children develop good habits of the mobile phone and the nursery that can quickly detect strabismus (cross-eyed infant).

ZamStar features a program and a well-known guitar called ZamString. The idea is that you can participate in the guitar, add effects and then connect with other musicians around the world. Apparently it is a mistake in the COVID-19 TikTok movement for music (remember all. seas earlier this year), and the idea of ​​making it easier to sync your music. In the meantime, the ZamString guitar has a fretboard that illuminates through music, making it easy to know where to place your fingers. I am not a new idea, but perhaps the first marriage and education and union.

Pilot, meanwhile, is what Samsung calls “an AI solution that helps kids develop the right habits to use a smartphone.” The goal is to teach children “self-control skills” on intelligent tools to help them make good choices. Finally, Innovision and “a day-to-day eye care with a hand-held nursery to detect suspicious signs of strabismus and monitor the growth of infants.” That seems like a wise idea, since babies look natural to mobile phones.

Along with its in-house products, Samsung’s C-Lab Outside supports nine startups, including an AI-based biometric recognition solution for petnow petting. Both works will be showcased by their homes at CES 2022. At the moment, Samsung seems to be gearing up for the event and has not followed the direction of other exhibitors (Google, Lenovo, Intel, Amazon, Meta, T-Mobile) poletsa.

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