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Hyundai says it has stopped making new fire engines

Hyundai has just released the first electric motor vehicle, but it seems to be ready to leave the engine behind. Monga Electrek reports, Korea Economic Daily sources says Hyundai closed its engine research facility this month. There will still be some employees left to refine existing engines, but the rest will go to EV-related work.

The company is known for renovating EV development facilities immediately. The powertrain power station is becoming a testing ground, and development facilities are now being supplied to power plants. There are also new batteries, where researchers are looking for raw batteries and chip tools.

The purpose is simple, depending on the loss. Hyundai wants to accelerate the transformation of EVs, and that means giving more of its energy to the new technology. Electricity installation is “inevitable,” new research chief Park Chung-kook said in an email, and the change will help create vehicles that “will dominate the future market.”

We asked Hyundai to comment. Changes in priorities may make sense. Many countries and other countries want to ban the sale of burning cars in 2030s. Hyundai House in South Korea, for example, has a climate system that will ban the sale not only by 2030 but also for the sale of all burning cars by 2035. Hyundai is already exhaustion diesel. There would be no reason to build new engines that would soon be on the market, and the company needs to do more. add his EVs long before the government banned it.

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