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Sadiq Khan was elected London mayor for a second term | Political News


In a statement, Khan promised to ‘build bridges’ and create jobs as the UK capital emerges from the epidemic.

Sadiq Khan was re-elected mayor of London, in a race that was more successful than expected, which boosted the opposition Labor party following a disappointing result in Thursday’s by-elections.

Khan, who became the first Muslim to lead a major Western capital after winning in 2016, won 55.2% of the vote compared to 44.8% of Shaun Bailey, a candidate for the ruling Conservative party.

Attendance was 42 percent, compared to previous elections in 2016.

“I have humbled myself and relied on the people of London to continue to lead the world’s largest city,” said Khan, who focuses on his work in a nine-person city.

The 50-year-old said his second term would focus on “building bridges between different areas” as well as between city hall and government.

He also wanted to “ensure that London plays its part in restoring the country” and to “create a brighter and more equitable future” in the UK capital.

Khan has made a name for himself as a critic of Brexit and a series of prime ministers, including Boris Johnson, his successor as mayor – and a dispute with former US President Donald Trump.

The two men began fighting in a notorious war after Khan criticized Trump’s crackdown on immigrants.

Khan’s second election comes amid a flurry of Labor election results in the by-elections in the north and north of England, which had a negative impact on the 2019 general election.

While Johnson has done very well elsewhere in England, the opposition party is growing in London.

The researchers say this was due to the city’s small, multiracial and patriotic European Union population, who, unlike many in England, strongly opposed Brexit.

In his keynote address, Khan mentioned his shortcomings, growing up in a mansion in a densely populated suburb of south London.

“I grew up on a council, a working child, a child of foreigners, but now I am the mayor of London,” he said, describing himself as a “progressive Londoner”.


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