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Russia confirms $ 500m loan to Belarus while West toughens order | European News

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko have a second day of talks in Sochi as the US imposes sanctions on air traffic control charges.

Russia has agreed to release a second $ 500m loan to Belarus while Moscow backed Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in a fit of rage in the West over a European flight and the arrest of a journalist protesting.

Financial aid was announced after Russian President Vladimir Putin held a second day of talks with Lukashenko, and gave his visitor a visit to the Sochi Black Sea resort on Saturday.

The money is part of a $ 1.5bn loan that Russia promised Belarus as part of Moscow’s efforts to rebuild its neighbors after a series of protests against Lukashenko’s thirteen-year rule last year.

Minsk received the first trophy for $ 500m in October and received the second trophy at the end of June, RIA reporters said.

Putin and Lukashenko two-day meeting came after the European Union and the United States blamed Belarus for using a bomb to force a Ryanair flight to Minsk. Belarusian authorities sent a military plane to escort the plane, before arresting journalist Roman Protasevich and his Russian counterpart Sofia Sapega.

Both are in prison on charges of sedition. Protasevich could face up to 15 years in prison.

Several European countries have imposed airstrikes on Belarus, with the US saying “all restrictions“Nine Belarusian state-owned enterprises went into effect on June 3. Washington also said it was working with the EU on a series of sanctions against key members of Lukashenko’s government.

Putin criticized Western answers, agreeing with Lukashenko on Friday that his actions were “just a blast”.

Russia has also promised to consider more and more Belarus to deal with sanctions on the EU, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Putin and Lukashenko “discussed air travel, taking into account the views of European regulators and a number of airports that have banned flights. [Belarusian] The airport, considering that Belavia is no longer welcome in European cities, “Peskov said.”

Putin also claimed the head of Sapega, Protasevich’s colleague, Peskov said.

“Following the actions of the Russian President, the head of the Russian citizen, who was arrested, was raised … Obviously, we are not indifferent to what happened to him,” Peskov was quoted as saying.

He added that the Kremlin would recognize that Sapega also had a residence permit in Belarus.

“As a result, we see that everything must be done in accordance with the law. The president has instructed the Russian Foreign Ministry to monitor Russian citizens very carefully,” Peskov added.

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