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Review of DJI Air 2S: The Best Drone You Can Buy


This alone is worth upgrading from the old version, but the changes don’t stop there. The Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) now uses the monitoring section to identify obstacles. This means you can do a lot of flying and not worry too much about what is around you. I may be old-fashioned, but I still have a hard time believing in a solution.

Air 2S will also receive DJ3 O3 (formerly OcuSync) airline from the company FPV Drone. I haven’t had time to review this, but I’ve traveled far enough to say that the location (7 km) is accurate – which also applies here. Regarding battery life, the company says a 31-minute run. My test was near: 30 minutes was my max, and I was flying in the wind.

The Air 2S does not have the side-by-side sensors found on the cheap Mavic 2 Pro, but its collision avoidance is a major factor from previous drones in size and price. As usual, Sport mode extinguishes all odds; use accidentally.

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All of this is good to change, but my favorite part of the Air 2S is what DJI calls MasterShots. Open the MasterShots list on the affiliate program, select an item, and it can calculate how to track different types of shots.

Send your drone on tour, and it records everything. The program combines everything into one pen. It’s an easy way to get some B-roll type (any other accessories you draw) without having to do much at the end of it.

But they do not always work well. For example, I try to use MasterShots on my car, which sat in front of my house. The software had no problem identifying and clearing the route, but it could not fly on the trail because there was a large tree shot. My answer was to go a little higher and get what I could with MasterShots, and then fly carefully with my hands to meet some of my needs.

Unfortunately, MasterShots does not take-or-leave-it. All the videos shot in this way are available separately from the latest edits, produced by the program. This means that if you don’t like the modified effects, you can take the RAW graphics and customize yourself in the program of your choice.

The Air 2S is available today for $ 999, and this includes a drone, a remote control, and a single battery. There’s also the $ 1,299 Fly More combo, which offers you two additional batteries, a neutral filter (for bright days), a charging area, and a shoulder bag.


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