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Google Earth Timelapse Now Shows You That Our World Is Gradually Growing


Watch as by storing dry water, oil spills spread, and the rain forest disappears.

Today, Google has announced a new 3D the end of time in Google Earth platform. Allows users to travel anywhere in the world and print Play to see how communities are changing. The line has returned 37 years, from 1984 to the present. Each finished frame is removed within one year of photos. When the game is running, users are able to move the camera view to change various shapes.

Video: Google

The project is the result of a partnership between Google, NASA, the US Geological Survey, the European Commission, and the European Space Agency. The interactive video includes satellite images from NASA’s Landsat program and the EU The work of Copernicus, all of which are intended to provide an overview of the world. The whole process brings with it a temporary setback. Google claims that the loss of time comes from 20 petabytes of satellite imagery, including the production of 4.4-terapixel video (that’s 4.4 million megapixels) recorded worldwide.

This is not the first time Google Earth has been restored. In 2014 the company released a timepiece inside it Google Earth Engine. It wasn’t necessary in the Google Earth app properly, and it just sat on top, in 2D view.

Google says the new 3D version is a way to give more information to the human race. In the videos that the company wasted time on the company, the bombing, the melting of ice, the melting water melted.

Video: Google


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