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Researchers investigating Giuliani on the task of removing the ambassador to Ukraine | Donald Trump’s story

Trump’s former attorney general, Rudy Giuliani, spoke with the US ambassador to Ukraine, who has been a key figure in the fraud.

Authorities are investigating Rudy Giuliani seeking information about the former US ambassador to Ukraine who was fired two years ago under the auspices of former President Donald Trump, Giuliani’s lawyer said on Friday.

Robert Costello confirmed via text message to The Associated Press that search authorization served this week Giuliani mentioned Marie Yovanovitch, who, as the main protagonist in the first anti-Trump cases, described in detail what Giuliani and his Trump allies did before being fired in 2019.

Costello said the order also refers to former state prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko, who met with Giuliani and was part of an attempt to oust Yovanovitch from office.

Since the document is about Yovanovitch, and that it seeks a link between Giuliani and a number of Ukrainian people, it shows that officials are trying to determine if Giuliani’s efforts to remove the ambassador was done with the help of Trump or Ukraine.

This distinction is important because state law requires that anyone who wants to force the US instead of another country or organization to register their employment with the Department of Justice.

The former New York City mayor told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that the electrical equipment he seized in his Manhattan home and private office on Wednesday showed he had not violated government regulations when he tried to dig up Joe Biden’s Ukraine in 2019 in support of Trump.

The New York Times was the first to report on the document concerning Yovanovitch.

The May 2019 release of Yovanovitch was one of the most important parts of Trump’s anti-corruption case, comes just months before a phone call when Trump urged his Ukrainian counterpart to search for Biden and his son, Hunter.

Trump and his Republican allies have tried to change Hunter Biden’s business as such a member of the Ukrainian oil company Burisma in US political violence that could hurt the election of President Joe Biden. Hunter denied any wrongdoing and Republican attempts failed.

Giuliani did the same in talks with Ukrainian officials, after meeting with a Ukrainian parliament that released a play at the 2020 presidential conference in defiance of Biden’s representation.

Yovanovitch, a labor ambassador who served for many years under the Republican and Democratic presidency and was first elected by Ronald Reagan, testified in detail during the trial of Giuliani and others before “accusing him” of being shot.

Marie Yovanovitch, a former US ambassador to Ukraine, testifies before a House Legal Committee as part of a lawsuit filed by US President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill in Washington, November 15, 2019 [Jonathan Ernst/Reuters]

Yovanovitch also told Homeowners that he had been told by Ukrainian officials that Giuliani was in contact with Lutsenko’s former Ukrainian prosecutor “and that he had ideas, and was going, you know, to do things, including me”.

He also said he had been told that Lutsenko “wanted to hurt me in the US”.

Yovanovitch’s lawyer declined to comment Friday.

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