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Prime Ministercient of Israeli Netanyah is discussing requests: Reports | Stories

An alliance that could remove Netanyahu from Israeli politics for years, according to media reports.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in talks to end his corruption case, reporters said.

Netanyahu, who lost power in June after 12 consecutive years as prime minister and now leader of the opposition, has pleaded not guilty to corruption, breach of trust and fraud on three counts in 2019. Both are pending trial together. .

This union could be signed since this week, the person who participated in the conversation told the Associated Story Press Sunday. Any alliance could prevent Netanyahu from being embarrassed and in the long run case on an issue that has affected the entire world.

An expert who briefly commented on the matter told Reuters reporters that talks had reached a critical juncture to remove Netanyahu from politics.

The source said Netanyahu, 72, was discussing a deal with Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit where he could plead guilty to lesser offenses and face jail for public service.

But the talks have strongly affected Netanyahu’s request for a “morality” sentence, which according to Israeli law could force him to resign for years, “the source told Reuters. The State Attorney’s Office declined to comment.

Reports of another alliance angered critics who said it would undermine the rule of law.

“Anyone who has tried to undermine public confidence in democracy for personal reasons should not be involved,” Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz wrote.

Horowitz was referring to Netanyahu’s attempts at accusing him of questioning Israeli justice, saying it was biased and seeking witchcraft.

Demonstrators rallied against what was happening outside the attorney general’s home Saturday evening. Any agreement can be rejected in court.

Netanyahu’s lawyer, who has denied all charges and convicted the defendants a zandale witch, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Netanyahu promised unstable his successor, Naftali Bennett, a patriot who is crossing the alliance.

The Netanyahu Conservative Likud failed to form a new government last year among other things because its relatives refused to join Netanyahu, based on developments.

With his legal issues behind him, Netanyahu could say he could make a new just agreement. If banned from politics, right-wing members of the Bennett coalition could choose to form a new government with the Likud party under the new leadership.

The idea of ​​the petition was encouraged by the former President of the Supreme Court, Aharon Barak.

He told Kan radio that it would reduce the pressure on the judiciary, which has for many years been defending itself against Netanyahu’s supporters.

Likud’s spokesman said he was not aware of such discussions.

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