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Polyenders Edition: Price, Information, Designers


“These devices and the program give you limits,” said Polyend CEO Piotr Raczyński (not affiliated with Bogdan Raczynski, an affiliate singer). “If you had DAW today with any computer, you could have thousands of tracks and thousands of results. This is a test, and it can be a little risky. But here you have no beautiful pictures. You must obey; the main receiver is your ears. This reduction allows you to stop thinking about the process. ”

Followers began to emerge in the late 1980s. Karsten Obarski, a filmmaker, created a program called Ultimate Soundtracker of the Commodore Amiga as a way to streamline the game. The idea has grown since then, and I offer similar programs like OctaMED and Renoise. 8-bit audio recorders for trackers became the subject of audio games and were used to access the game as a starting point. Deus Ex and Impossible. Followers also contributed to the 90s show, thanks to which users were able to whip up powerful, dance-powered laptops. Polyend’s choice of combining its functionality with a retro appeal to the design of small arms controllers was fueled by little interest.

“If ‘retro appeal’ is a ‘nerdy’ number, ‘yes, supervisors are (not the only ones) of geeks,” says Bogdan Raczynski. “The change in music is a huge debt to nerds who have electronic music as it is today.”

Raczyński and Raczynski met at the 2019 concert in Poland where Bogdan was performing. (Surprisingly, Legowelt was playing at the same concert.) Polyend’s Tracker was still in the simulation group at the time. Bogdan, who has been using the tracker program since the 90s in albino-like Samurai Math Beats and Save Until You Cry.

“He showed me what was good, what might have to change,” Piotr said. “That was a very important factor in the development of this.”

For Bogdan, the inspiration for his Polyend tracker style — a bright red design called “CALL”—From the list of Instagram post which had fruit incense. He he wrote on its page that its design was designed to “create fun” that would encourage users to enjoy the device.

“The amazing thing about any device, from trumpets to beyond, is the Tracker, it’s just a medium,” says Bogdan. “Anyone can take a saxophone, but no one can feel like Gato Barbieri. It’s confusing to expect to sound like everyone else. Tracker is a tool that gives you the power to explain how you can’t communicate with any other device.”

If you miss this part of Polyend’s limited edition equipment, be aware that the company is also developing a new product from the electronic artist. Aphex Mapasa. Expect the agreement to come next year.

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