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NASA’s Mars Helicopter is the first aircraft to fly in space


NASA has just made an airplane record. The agency has done confirmed that Mars helicopter information completed its first experiment, making it the first plane to fly on another planet. The machine went up to a height of 10 feet at 3:34 AM East, standing in place for 30 seconds before reaching the surface. More (not to mention the good photos) is expected soon.

The area is now known as Wright Brothers Field in honor of traveling pioneers around the world.

Independent flying was not a problem at all. Mars’ gravity is about one third of the earth’s surface, and even that tiny amount of oxygen contributes to only about one third of the world’s energy. The rules for starting a flight are different, in a way, and wisdom tries many things at first. The helicopter uses solar energy, too, so the missionaries have to set up a power plant.

The aircraft also stood for success in technical difficulties. NASA initially wanted to fly intelligently on April 11, but delayed flight prepare a software package and its aftermath.

You probably do not have to wait for the next flight. NASA is looking forward to its second trip on April 22. It should be a few more tests, but observers will figure out how to “improve the flight history.” Wisdom can fly up to 160 feet from Effort roverance for a period of up to 90 seconds.

The helicopter can’t do much on its own – especially the evidence of ideas. This improvement indicates that the end of Mars is possible, however, and it opens the door to future aircraft that can view planets in ways that no pilot can navigate.

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