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Polk Audio React Soundbar Review: Smart and Extensive


Unpleasant challenges to the barbars is that a few entry points give you an easy way to change the main way of speaking. Use a few hundred dollars on the starting price now, and you will not be able to purchase a new speaker if you want to upgrade the surround sound – with special speakers and subwoofer-down.

That’s why I’ve become a fan of Polk Audio React’s new line of home speakers. A large bar supported by Alexa, a subwoofer, and adjacent speakers are sold separately, so you can start with the bar, and then purchase the pieces to fill your entire 5.1 system in your time.

You he can Buy the whole sound system of 5.1 as a package for less money than you can use to connect to Polk React, but you have to give up all the money at once. Each and every part of the Polk React only costs a few hundred bucks, and the purchase separately, is an inexpensive way to go around for those with lightweight wallets.

Alexa Inside

When you release the large React box you will see all the rounds Alexa unit built in the middle of the top of the bar. It looks like it melted inside a big microphone. The small plastic panel offers the same features you would notice from other Alexa devices, including the ability to speak microphone if you don’t want to use an Amazon subscriber for anything.

I spent a lot of time connecting to the screen through my TV, thanks to a smart polk integrated HDMI ARC port that allows me to use the length of my TV to adjust the soundbar volume.

Photo: Polk

That said, it was useful to use Alexa to set up a temporary kitchen and other things I like to do with a smart speaker or my phone, on the window. You do not need a cookie if your TV program is interrupted by a bar chime.

In addition to the soundbar, Polk Audio sent me all other React machines for detection. The installation of surround speakers for speakers and wireless subwoofers was a breeze, thanks to simple instructions from Polk on the connection line, although you may want to make sure you have a sales area (or extension cords, in me) that is about five feet long for each speaker. The electrical wiring included is longer than most but is shorter than the larger chambers.

All black machines are high-quality and not well-written enough to get lost easily in most places, which can be good or bad, depending on your decorative ideas. Personally, I like tools like these to fit in the back.

Growing Together

I tried the first sound on my own and after that I added a subwoofer and rotation, to show how I felt that more people should buy the machine. Even on my own, I was impressed with the 34-inch bar to produce warm, bassy voices in my audience. His songs were full of heavier weight than I expected from producing such a size, and this made it a perfect stand-alone comedy.


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