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Spotify is adding 11 million new users in three months

Spotify today announced the addition of an additional 11 million in three months ago, bringing in 356 million users. This is a significant increase compared to the original 2020, but a slight decrease compared to explosive growth the company saw it all year round. Similarly, there was only a small increase in the number of subscribers to Spotify Premium, with less than four million people signing up between January and March. As a result, there are 158 million paid customers, and 208 million using this type of advertising campaign.

One of the things the company has managed to fix is ​​the amount of its investment, which is now stronger compared to the previous quarter. It seems that the epidemic contributed to social change, and the company paid “large savings contributions such as the Family Plan” to ensure that people did not stop calling. Likewise, another benefit has been the growing interest in podcasting, which has found that the funding of advertisers-sponsored growth is growing exponentially during this period. A Joe Rogan the show itself has done “above,” with President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA was “the second largest podcast on Spotify” via March.

Last week, Spotify has been making an in-depth announcement about the future of its business. This includes a smaller version of “The car“In the same way the company has established Subscribe to podcast (with financial generosity) is new singer which works within Facebook as a component cooperation between the two companies. In the meantime, users of the family system in the US and Europe have seen the cost of their plans rise by $ 2 / £ 2 a month.

And rumors suggest Spotify’s Complaints in European Union over Apple’s reduction of App Store soon it will help to take action. He believes the EU will issuing criminal charges against the iPhone maker how he wants to use his payment method within the App Store. The way Spotify, Epic, and many other manufacturers, feeling that it is unfair. This, however, all comes down to the shadow of criticism that the company does not pay good artists.

Last year, the choir launched the Broken Record campaign, which aims to show that Spotify pays less per stream. A Wall Street Journal A report earlier this month revealed that Apple Music pays artists for a single price per stream, while Spotify says pays less than half of it. The difference is evident when CEO Daniel Ek has said he wants to buy a Premier League football team from Arsenal FC from LA Rams owner Stan Kroenke.

Spotify said it recorded Operation for € 14 million ($ 16.8 million), but expects to lose between € 150 million – € 250 million ($ 180 million – $ 301 million) by 2021. But it expects, year-round, to break the necessary milestone. more than 400 million, or maybe more than that.

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