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Russia fines Apple $ 12 million for misusing the App Store

Apple cried stupid $ 12 million by Russia’s antitrust regulator (FAS) for violating the App Store, Reuters they say. This study came from a Complaints 2019 by Kaspersky Lab, which said Apple was pushing to reduce its Safe Kids performance, soon after Apple launched Cover Time feature is iOS 12.

Last summer, the directors He agreed with Kaspersky, ruling that Apple blocked unauthorized developers forcing them to distribute their apps through its iOS store. At the time, Apple said the app puts “the security and privacy of users at risk.”

On top of the fines, FAS ordered Apple to remove what “gives them the right to refuse (allow) the activities of others in the App Store for any reason, even if they meet all the requirements.” It also said that Apple should take action to ensure that parent software developers can distribute apps seamlessly. Apple said it did not “agree” respectfully with the decision and promised to appeal, according to Reuters.

The decision comes at a time when Apple is under intense scrutiny of its App Store monitoring in the US and INE. Later this week, The EU is expected bringing charges from the Spotify 2019 complaint about Apple’s 30% cut on in-app purchases, which allows its music to be unfair.

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